Each person may choose to put in basic public information here – name, other subject, chosen specialised area, and link to blog.

  • My name is Brian Punch. I am studying English and Psychology. In an attempt to merge both subjects, l intend to look at how the internet, and reading from the internet, is changing the way we think. Drawing on people like Nicholas Carr I intend to highlight how society’s reading patterns are changing, and are these changes for the better. My contribution to this website will be based on a book written by Carr but I intend to discuss the topic further in my blog. Feel free to read both, comment and contribute. But be warned , any negative criticism may have dire consequences for those who feel they are brave enough to publicly assault my work! Only joking, enjoy!
  • My name is Stephen McCarthy, I’m also studying History; mainly modern history. My chosen specialised area is on narrative gaming. I have a keen interest in the visual, in visual culture, and how games tell stories visually. I have researched the history of games and of game developers. Click here to view my blog. In my website contribution, I will look at how games tell stories and what types of stories are told. I will give an overview of the history of gaming. “Greg Costikyan, a blogger, argues that games cannot tell a story like cinema, books or music can. Obviously I would argue against this. Today, video games tell intricate stories. Moreover games are still at a young stage in their development – only forty years old…”click here to read more
  • My name is Michelle Moore and I am studying English and Sociology as a joint degree. I studied Folklore and Ethnology in my first year of the undergraduate degree and it was through this course that inspired me to focus on acts of memory and digital archives for my personal blog. I am enthusiastic about culture, literature, film, women’s studies and digital archives. In my blog I pay particular attention to local examples of digitization. By means of knowledge and art, my research focuses on oral storytelling and Irish film. The importance of the preservation of both audio and visual heritages are emphasised in my blog. Digitality helps keep collective memory alive and improves the public understanding of the relevance that archiving holds in the transgression of the digital age.
  • Hello! My name is Leah Murtagh O’Connell and I am a third year student studying music and English. For my research project I decided to combine my two passions, Music and English, hopefully it will all go to plan!! To see my blog click here. The idea is to see how Shakespeare can be interpreted differently and also to show the role music plays in this interpretation. For example if you saw a production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ with an AC/DC soundtrack how would this affect your interpretation of the play? To see how Shakespeare’s stories can be given a modern twist click here.
  • My name is Elaine O’Driscoll-Adam and I am also studying Geography. I have a keen interest in social geography hence the orientation of my blog. My chosen project area is about Time-Space Compression. I am interested in the idea of global connectivity. Time-Space Compression relates to the idea of how the world appears to be shrinking due to new systems of communication. However, this does not mean that everybody experiences this phenomenon at the same pace; there still exists a digital divide between regions of the world.
  • Hello my name is Frances Bonner Aucoin. I am pursuing a joint degree in French and English. I am passionate about language and linguistics in the French language. I came across the genre of writing known as Autofiction, which is popular with contemporary French authors and with its popularity of identity freedom, is fast becoming a phenomenon in Japan. Autofiction allows the author freedom to shape their life story in whatever manner they wish. I have often wondered how I could render my life to a story. I have no sense of my life as a narrative, to tell tales that go beyond language, memories and truth, but Autofiction might just be the path that takes me there. I hope to reinvent myself one day. To self-fashion a new identity of true and false, digital and non-digital reality. It can be a complete counterfeit with complete acts of defiance or it can be complete truths. To find out you will have to find me, or a version of me here.
  • My name is David Keating and I am a joint-honours student, studying English and Geography. My academic interests are primarily to do with urban and social geography, and particularly young peoples’ experience of the modern city. However, for this seminar I chose to put my addiction to social media to use and try to discover what affect it has on us as both individuals, and as society as a whole. Some of this research can be found in my blog here. As I continued my research, and broadened my outlook on social media as the seminar continued, I learned about the greater possibilities it holds regarding the collaboration and sharing of ideas and knowledge in the digital environment. Some of these possibilities are uncovered here.
  • Greetings all. My name is Caolán Gibbons and I am a mature student reading English and Drama in UCC. I have a great interest in the humanities and look forward to continuing my research into Internet Usage and Digital Humanities. I have several nerdy interests more details of which you can find on my blog. These nerdy escapades result in my finding myself on several internet forums daily so the problems of trolling and internet anonymity is something that I am very aware of. I hope you enjoy reading my post on this, as well as the great work and research being done by my colleagues.
  • My name is Dónal Deery and I am pursuing a higher diploma in English. My blog for this seminar, ‘Textualities’, is here. I am interested in media theory and computing (insofar as I am able to understand it). The many ways in which print culture and computing affect each other are of particular fascination to me, and this area is the starting point for my research essay.
  • My name is Emmet Carmody and I am studying both English and History in University college Cork. I’ve long held a passion for books and reading, so chose to focus on some of the social, commercial, and technological implications of the changing nature of the book in recent years, with e-books becoming increasingly popular. My blog offers some musings on the impact of the e-book as I see it, and weighs some of the pros and the cons of book digitalisation. Some of my interpretations can be found in my post, as I interpret how e-reading has divided written-word traditionalists and e-book enthusiasts.
  • My name is Shane Creedon and I am a single honours student studying both English and Computer Science. Throughout the past three years we have been taught by the lecturers here at UCC using the latest Web 2.0 technology. As my other subject is Computer Science, I decided to look into the changes this technology has made on the classroom over the past decade. I really enjoyed doing it as this project, like this seminar, was the first time that I was able to use my Computer Science knowledge in an English class. My blog is available here and my project essay can be found here.
  • Hi, my name is Amy Keegan and I’m a final year Geography and English student in UCC. My personal project is all about how children use the internet and technology to learn to read and to continue to read thereafter. I first got interested in the topic when I discovered the Harry Potter site Pottermore. The ways in which children are reading and learning to read are always changing and are becoming more and more interactive and mobile as time goes on. My blog discuss some of the more popular ways in which technology can be used to teach children to read as well as a few of the many different sites available to children that can teach them to read and through which they read away themselves. I hope you enjoy!
  • Hi, my name is Stephanie Reed. I am a final year student in UCC. I’m doing a joint degree and my subjects are English and History. I’m a complete book worm so those subjects are perfect for me. For my personal project I decided to do fanfiction, an area I had not previously looked at and I found it fascinating. My research project focuses on the new enhanced reading experience this provides, the legal issues and the opinions of some authors. You can look at my personal blog here
  • Hi,My name is Sinead Reed and I am a third year student in UCC. I am studying History and English as a joint honours degree. For my research project I decided to talk about the developments from the printing press to the computer. How the spread of information has changed and how we read this information has drastically changed over the years, from a hard copy book to EBooks. You can look at my blog here
  • Hi, my name is Jennifer Callanan. I am currently a third year student in UCC, studying English and Geography. While looking at a way of combining my two subjects I came across Wikimapia which enables anyone to edit a map if they feel they have something to add or insert more detail to it. I found this really interesting as who know a place better than the people who live there? Then I started to learn more about open data and the threats it faces. With the recent service blackout by Wikipedia and many  more website I found this a great topic to research. My personal blog is also available here.

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