This is the home page for the Third Year Critical Skills EN3008 Textualities seminar course in the School of English University College Cork. In this final month of the BA degree we are discussing – the Future of the Book.  The website is a practical way to engage with methodologies for the creation and publishing of the text online.  Augmented elements such as interactivity, embedded contextual material and a collaboratory ethos frame the work.

The focus of this website is the joint development of ‘Digi – Narrate’ to showcase the individual, and group work of course participants.  Digi – plays on colloquial local expressions – meaning Did ye?  We balance the theoretical construction of new narratives and new knowledge here by constructing a new narrative – with new features that take the text constructed through the reading glass, with embedded links, video, and audio.

Particpants’ personal online spaces are listed on the right, and their chosen concerns are detailed via the page choices across the header on  top.

Previous years’ work is available here at: Cultural Transmissions, and Narrativities.

Header photograph taken by Michelle Moore in the Boole library.